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Jan Vanriet

Breendonk's Blue

Jan Vanriet

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Jan Vanriet - Breendonk's Blue

Temporary exhibition @ Fort of Breendonk

As the last witnesses of the Auffanglager Breendonk have passed away, the memorial is looking for new ways to continue to feel and understand history.

In the exhibition ‘Breendonk's Blue’, artist Jan Vanriet explores the theme from a deep personal connection with the past. Both his parents were in the resistance and survived concentration camps. Vanriet offers a unique perspective, highlighting both the harsh reality of Breendonk and its continuing influence on later generations.

Art can help look at reality. In 35 works, Jan Vanriet provides new perspectives on a place that has been around for a long time, but yet so much is still to discover, including about ourselves.

Praktische informatie

Where: Fort of Breendonk

When: starting 5 May 2024 till 1 September 2024

Entry: included in a entry ticket for the Fort