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Photo d'époque, posmannen Breendonk
Nocturne: guided tour based on the story of Brussels postmen

We tell the story of 39 Brussels postmen arrested by the occupying forces on 1 September 1942.

On 1 September 1942, 39 Brussels postmen were arrested. They ended up in room 7. A room supervised by René Hermans, room principal, snitch and executioner. In the following months, nine other postmen were locked up in Breendonk as well.

“Not a single little postman will leave alive”. That is how Fernand Wyss addressed the postmen. Ordinary people ... in extraordinary times!

Temporary exposition ‘Anthropoid’

From the 25th of July up until the end of August you can discover the remarkable expo ‘Anthropoid’ at the Fort of Breendonk. This expositions tells the story of the assassination of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich by the Czechoslovakian resistance and the events that followed his murder.

This expo is included in the price of a ticket for the Fort.